World Hospice & Palliative care day 2011 – October 8th

  This Saturday (October 8th) is World Hospice & Palliative Care day, an international  day of recognition, promotion and support for hospice and palliative care.

This year the theme is ‘Many diseases, many lives, many voices – palliative care for non-communicable conditions” and the aim is to highlight the multitude of non-infectious diseases like chronic cardiovascular and respiratory conditions cared for in hospice and palliative settings.

Last month, the World Health Organisation published its ‘Global status report on non communicable disease 2010′  (Access report and country statistics HERE) which highlighted the growing health burden of rising rates of cancer, chronic respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. UN leaders held a meeting on September 19th to address control and prevention of non-communicable diseases and highlighted the need for appropriate palliative care for all non communicable diseases (view Transcript of proceedings HERE)

Minister James Reilly speaking to the general assembly highlighted the need to care for patients ‘at lowest and most local level’ and organisers of World Hospice & Palliative Care day have called on citizens to hold leaders accountable for the palliative care needs of patients with non communicable diseases in a recent statement. 

The Irish Hospice Foundation’s ‘Palliative Care for All‘ initiative, developed out of the recommendations of the ‘palliative care for all‘ report aims to develop palliative care supports and interventions for patients with diseases other than cancer. Three action research projects focusing on patients with dementia, heart failure and advanced respiratory disease have been  in progress since last year. These projects are investigating and developing palliative care pathways for Irish patients with these chronic life limiting illnesses.

The Irish Hospice Foundation, in its statement ahead of of World Hospice & Palliative Care Day have emphasized the 17% increase in usage of their night nursing service to non-cancer patients. It also highlights the role that GPs play for terminal patients with 90% of care in the last year of life being delivered by primary care teams. The Irish Hospice Foundation’s new Primary care/Palliative care initiative aims to develop supports for patients with non malignant terminal illnesses in a primary care setting.

Details of events for World Hospice & Palliative Care day internationally are available on their home page and you can also share your stories and browse others’ insights on palliative care around the globe.

Irish Hospice Foundation on World Hospice & Palliative Care day


October 9th 2010

The Irish Hospice Foundation marked World Hospice & Palliative Care day by highlighting the need for equality in the provision of hospice & palliative care.


In a statement, Irish Hospice Foundation CEO Eugene Murray addressed the need for hospice & palliative care to be available to all who need it, regardless of their location or illness. The Irish Hospice Foundation’s palliative care for all programme has made positive steps in promoting palliative care for people with non malignant life limiting illnesses.

Recent developments like the Programme for children’s palliative care, the Quality standards for End-of-Life care in Hospitals and the National Audit of End-of-life care in hospitals as well as the release this week of the new Ethical framework for End-of-life care mean that there is much to be celebrated this World Hospice & Palliative care day.

Hospice & palliative care organisations across the world will be taking stock of developments and taking the opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the need for continued support for hospice & palliative care initiatives. More details about World Hospice & Palliative care day events and activities are available HERE

World hospice & palliative care day 2010


October 9th 2010

This Saturday October 9th is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. This annual event aims to ‘celebrate & support’ hospice and palliative care, highlighting the continued importance of appropriate care and support at the end of life. Events and activities will take place internationally to raise awareness of hospice and palliative needs and to fundraise for new developments.

This year’s theme is  ‘Sharing the care’ .  This theme emphasizes the partnerships and collaborative processes inherent to hospice and palliative care; from family members and health professionals  to government bodies and policy administrators.

The World Hospice & Palliative Care website features resources and details of events and initiatives taking place around the world. The REPORTS section of the site provides access to a number of useful publications including ‘Suffering at end of life; the state of the world‘ ‘Access to pain relief; an essential human right‘ and the UK report on palliative care for all’. There are also messages of support from Mary Robinson, Gabriel Byrne and Archbishop Desmond Tutu among other palliative care advocates.

Among the international events to mark the day Our Lady’s Hospice & Palliative care services, Blackrock will host an event titled ‘Sharing the care in the community‘, and will be compiling a book of reflections.  Further details of this event are available HERE

Have a look at the website and take the opportunity to reflect on the role of hospice and palliative care locally and internationally.