Economist Intelligence Unit – Ranking of end-of-life care worldwide

A new report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by the Lien Foundation presents the findings of a global investigation into the quality of end-of-life care.

Using a ‘quality of death’ index nations have been ranked in relation to their end-of-life care provision with nations where palliative care has been integrated into the national healthcare agenda rating highest. The UK tops the ranking overall with Australia and New Zealand filling the number two and three positions. Ireland rates favourably, taking the number four position in overall ranking and number five for quality of death. Ireland is also noted among the nations with the highest levels of public debate about end of life care.

Among other relevant findings are the relationship between openness in communicating about death and the overall quality of palliative care. The economic benefits of an integrated approach to end-of-life care is also highlighted.

The full report can be downloaded HERE and further details of the Quality of Death Index can be found HERE

Resource spotlight – End-of-life care intelligence network

The National End-of -Life Care Intelligence Network (NEoLCIN) was established as part of the UK End-of-Life care strategy to collate research and information on palliative and end-of-life care.

The NEoLCIN website brings together research, data sources, resources and even case study profiles to create a repository of information to assist practitioners, researchers, social and health care workers and those researching end-of-life care quality.

The  resources section features links to relevant journals and publications and the data sources page lists reliable sources for the assessment of end-of-life care subdivided into categories such as dementia, hospice care, mortality, place of death or sudden death.

This is a very comprehensive portal site for anyone looking for reliable end-of-life care research and assessment material so well worth bookmarking or signing up for their email content alerts.