New publication builds on ethical framework for end-of-life care

A new book due to be launched by Cork University Press on November 16th develops and expands on the Ethical framework on end-of-life care produced by the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme last year (more details HERE)

End-of-life Care ethics and lawwritten by Joan McCarthy, Mary Donnelly, Dolores Dooley, David Smith & Louise Campbell takes the eight modules of the ethical framework as its foundation.

The book draws on the body of research on the ethical issues in caring for patients at the end-of-life. It pulls together guidelines, codes of conduct, legal positions and bioethical perspectives to act as a multidisciplinary reference source for healthcare and legal professionals seeking clarification on these complex issues. Further details and context on the publication are available HERE.

Taking a lighter look at death

A new print and online magazine launched at the end of July is the latest venture aimed at making death less of a taboo.

Eulogy magazine is the first glossy lifestyle magazine to tackle the subject of death head on. The outlook is intended to be upbeat rather than morose and the aim is to get people talking about and celebrating life and death. Features will include personal stories of loss, approaches to mortality, funerals and coping with bereavement.  The first issue features articles on near death experiences in extreme sports and the Mexican day of the dead.

In a similar vein is the US focused Obit Magazine which also casts a cold eye on life and death and its features include a best send off strand documenting larger than life funerals as well as daily ‘died on this day’ updates. Obit has a strong arts and literature focus, illustrating the impact of mortality on creative output.

The Death reference desk blog equally aims to illuminate both the sublime and the ridiculous approaches to mortality with features on death in literature, memorials,  rituals and multicultural responses to death.