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Grief can be tiring and though reading can help when you are grieving, sometimes you just want to sit back and listen.  Though podcasts have been around for some time (the term podcast has been around since 2004 when audio blogs began to move to itunes) they are currently experiencing a surge in popularity. The portable nature of podcasts makes them both a good way to pass the time but also a way to share in someones personal experience and insight.

With podcast production being relatively simple and their popularity rising it seems that for practically every topic there is a podcast. The experience of grieving being so personal and yet universal it is unsurprising that podcasts addressing grief have begun to appear.

They range from informal discussions on personal loss to podcasts by mental health professionals discussing the difficulties of navigating grief.

Some worthy of a listen include:

Grief Cast – This podcast hosted by comedian Cariad Lloyd, whose father died when she was in her teens features conversations with other comedians about their experiences of bereavement, among them, Adam Buxton,  David Baddiel and Sara Pascoe.

What’s Your Grief Podcast – A companion to the ‘Whats your Grief’ website and resources this podcast delves into many aspects of grief and how it manifests addressing issues like; returning to work, parenting, relationships post bereavement and emotional issues.

You can find a listing of resources on understanding grief, including podcasts on the Bereavement Subject Guide developed by the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Therese Brady Library HERE

Forum on end-of-life and launch of the ‘Think Ahead’ campaign – Podcasts

 On Wednesday (October 12th) the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Forum on end of life hosted its annual forum in Croke Park.

The day also saw the launch of the ‘Think Ahead’ campaign which aims to provide the public with a method of discussing and recording their end of life preferences and wishes. You can find out more about the project and fill in your own wishes on the ‘Think Ahead’ form’ on the new site HERE

For anyone who wasnt in attendance at the forum in Croke park you can listen to podcasts from the morning here

  • Recording of the morning session including the Mary Holland memorial lecture by Conor O Clery and response from Prof. Tom Inglis  – Listen HERE
  • Recording of the Mid morning session featuring the launch of the ‘Think Ahead’ website and address by an Taoiseach Enda KennyHERE (Click ‘download’  then ‘download anyway’ when link opens)
  • Recording of the afternoon session of the Forum on End-of-life Croke Park October 12 2011. Features feedback and audience questions on workshops, summary of the day by Ita Mangan and closing address by Irish Hospice Foundation board chairman Michael O Reilly. LISTEN HERE

Creative arts in bereavement – Newstalk Podcast

There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…” Anthem, Leonard Cohen

As part of the ‘Why we write’ series Newstalk broadcast THIS feature, on March 27th focusing on creative arts therapy and it’s potential benefits in bereavement and at the end of life.

The documentary features interviews with Irish Hospice Foundation bereavement services manager Dr Susan Delaney, Training Officer Breffni Mc Guinness and communications manager Paul Murray which offer an insight into the work and philosophy of the Irish Hospice Foundation and an examination of the therapeutic power of creative arts and literature as a means of coming to terms with grief and loss.

The Irish Hospice Foundation offers workshops on creative arts therapies as part of its workshop programme –  further details of up coming workshops, including drama therapy, creative writing and art therapy can be found HERE