Library Ireland week 2012 at the Therese Brady Library

Library Ireland Week 2012 Nov 12-18

This week marks the seventh annual Library Ireland Week which runs from Nov 12th to 18th.  Library Ireland Week  provides a yearly showcase for the work of libraries, librarians and information professionals.

The theme this year is ‘Libraries for literacy; everyday, everyway‘ and the focus is on the many and varied ways libraries promote and develop literacy and learning.  The Therese Brady Library’s resources aim to develop, enhance and support the information literacy skills and learning of staff and students of the Irish Hospice Foundation as well as providing access to reliable information and supportive reading material on bereavement for the public. 

Staff and students of the Irish Hospice Foundation can book in for a short library fix session to brush up on their information skills. These sessions cover anything from effectively using the library catalogue and literature searching to setting up personal searches and alerts, getting the most out of searching the internet or just finding out more about the range of resources available from the library. Contact Laura in the library to book a session

Other events and literacy inputs are taking place in libraries all around the country, you can browse a listing HERE 

Happy Library Ireland Week !

Getting smart at the Therese Brady Library – What is a QR code?

This week (Library Ireland Week) is all about smart libraries, or finding smarter ways to use libraries and access information quickly and while on the move so no better time to introduce you to QR codes.

QR or Quick Response (or Quick Reference) codes are three-dimensional barcodes designed to be scanned by smartphones (iPhone or Android). They act as embedded information links and have begun to appear in magazines, billboards, advertisements business cards and …libraries.

In a library context the QR code works as a rapid route to additional information. To use a QR code you will need a smart phone, or a phone with internet capability (like an iphone, HTC desire or wildfire or Samsung Galaxy to name but a few). The phone’s camera will be able to scan the QR code, or you can download a QR reader app to perform this function. Once scanned the code will open up embedded URL link or information on your phone’s web browser.

Libraries have begun using QR codes to embed quick links in posters and promotional flyers to take you directly to additional support material (for example the posters in the library with QR codes linking to the blog) or to link to subject portals, QR codes can even be seen in some library catalogues to link to further details about the title  (have a look at THIS library catalogue to see QR codes for titles)

To get started check that you have a QR scanner on your phone & scan the code above – for additional details contact Laura in the library.


Happy Library Ireland Week!

It’s that time of year again, this week (March 7th to 13th) libraries around the country will be showcasing their services and collections with special spotlight features, events and promotions. This year’s theme of ‘Smart people use smart libraries’ aims to illustrate the ways in which libraries use technology to enhance, extend and promote their services. Staff and students of the Irish Hospice Foundation can book in for 10 minute library fix sessions. These short personal tutorials cover anything from effectively using the library catalogue and database searching to setting up personal searches and alerts using RSS feeds or finding out about social media tools or iphone apps useful for work or research – contact Laura in the library to book a session.

Here on the blog there will be features to highlight smart libraries and resource recommendations throughout the week.

To get you in the mood have a look at this great promotional video produced to celebrate Library Ireland Week 2011.

Library Ireland week – Bereavement Bibliotherapy Booklet Launch

To mark Library Ireland Week March 8th to 13th the Library will launch a new bereavement bibliotherapy leaflet on March 9th.

Bibliotherapy is the practice of reading recommended books to aid the therapeutic process. The Irish Hospice Foundation library holds a large collection of bereavement support books and personal stories of bereavement and loss of which a short list of recommended titles for various types of bereavement has been drawn up and compiled in a booklet which will be made available to health and public libraries as well as bereavement support groups.

The launch will take place in the Hospice Foundation, Morrision Chambers, 32 Nassau St and guests will also have the opportunity to tour the  library and to learn more about the library collection and services.

All are welcome along on the night – the event will take place between 6 and 8 and light refreshments will be provided.  If you would like to come please email

For more information about other events during Library Ireland Week  have a look at the Library Ireland Week  event calender.