Palliative Care for all – Practice and Service Development project update now available

The Irish Hospice Foundation’s (IHF) Palliative Care for All programme, aims to extend palliative care interventions to non malignant life limiting illnesses.

Palliative care for all report 2008

Through this programme partnerships have been developed with a range of organisations to develop and deliver palliative support for diseases like Heart Failure, Advanced respiratory failure, Advance Neurological Illness and Dementia.

The latest update on these projects outlining  the activity of practice & service development projects addressing end-of-life care for people with dementia is now available.  The activities of the other aspects of the Palliative Care for All Programme are also outlined.

Palliative care for all communique July 2014

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Palliative Care for All – Conference September 14th

The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Palliative Care for all  programme will hold a conference on September 14th in the Royal College of Physicians.

The conference will present on three research projects developed through the programme  aimed at developing palliative frameworks and staff supports for dementia, advanced respiratory disease and heart failure.  This  video featuring interviews with the research project officers provides some  background on the three disease specific projects.

Professor Scott Murray head of the Palliative Care Research Group at the University of Edinburgh will be in attendance as  keynote speaker and delegates will have an opportunity to participate in breakout sessions on each of the disease specific areas.

You can register your interest by contacting

Palliative care and dementia – conference September 27th

Though advanced Dementia is a debilitating condition necessitating the management of a range of complex symptoms similar to that of patients in the terminal phase of malignant disease the provision of palliative care to dementia patients has (until recently) been inconsistent or poor.

In 2008 the Irish Hospice Foundation published ‘Palliative care for all; integrating palliative care into disease management frameworks‘ which was part of the extending access investigation aiming to extend palliative care provision beyond cancer to other chronic, life limiting diseases (like Dementia).

Following on from recommendations of the report action research projects are currently underway exploring the provision of palliative care to patients with advanced respiratory disease, heart failure and advanced dementia.

The advanced dementia action research project which operates in conjunction with Clare Mental Health Services and Milford Care Centre will explore and present on the issues in delivering palliative care to dementia patients in a one day conference on September 27th. The conference titled ‘Palliative care & dementia; seeking a platform for consensus’ will provide input on; delivering palliative care to dementia patients, developing a dementia care strategy, findings from the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland’s open conversation project and outcomes from the dementia palliative care project to date.

Further details, contacts and booking information are available HERE – Palliative Care Conference 

The conference is aimed at healthcare professionals working in elder care, palliative care, mental health services as well as primary and social care professionals.