Music Therapy at end of life – Cochrane Review article

Creative therapies are increasingly being employed by Hospices to ease physical, psychological and emotional symptoms at end of life.

THIS Cochrane review article examines the effectiveness of Music Therapy with  hospice patients with the objective of indicating benefits of treatment approaches incorporating music therapy versus traditional treatment. The study illustrates the limited amount of data on the outcomes of music therapy and highlights the need for further research on creative arts therapies in end-of-life care.

Creative arts in bereavement – Newstalk Podcast

There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…” Anthem, Leonard Cohen

As part of the ‘Why we write’ series Newstalk broadcast THIS feature, on March 27th focusing on creative arts therapy and it’s potential benefits in bereavement and at the end of life.

The documentary features interviews with Irish Hospice Foundation bereavement services manager Dr Susan Delaney, Training Officer Breffni Mc Guinness and communications manager Paul Murray which offer an insight into the work and philosophy of the Irish Hospice Foundation and an examination of the therapeutic power of creative arts and literature as a means of coming to terms with grief and loss.

The Irish Hospice Foundation offers workshops on creative arts therapies as part of its workshop programme –  further details of up coming workshops, including drama therapy, creative writing and art therapy can be found HERE