Lists of online resources and research material Bereavement

The library has developed two subject comprehensive subject pages for the HSE Dr Steeven’s Library website, one on Palliative and end-of-life care and the other on bereavement and grief. They are a good starting point for insight and research into these subjects and can be accessed below. Access details on Bereavement & Grief HERE 

Use the Library’s custom search portal to search across selected websites and resources for bereavement, palliative care and end-of-life resources on the web


Department of Social Protection- Bereavement entitlements

Irish government information on entitlements for the recently bereaved

Good life, good death, good grief

Website of the Scottish partnership for palliative care. The site provides information and promotes awareness on death, dying and bereavement

Bereavement research forum (BRF)

UK based forum for bereavement researchers and practitioners. The site provides general bereavement information for the public but its central focus is on updating practitioners on conferences, recent publications and current debate in bereavement support

Belfast Health & Social Care trust – Bereavement documents

Booklets  with information, support and advice for helping people following bereavement including a booklet on dealing with traumatic death.

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

This site has detailed sections on bereavement and grief support for various types of loss and links to support pages for bereavement practitioners. The centre for grief and bereavement also publishes the journal Grief Matters so outlines of current and upcoming issues are included. Their feature resources includes PODCASTS of conference presentations and talks on bereavement research.

Grief & bereavement Hub

NHS Scotland’s resource support page for professionals involved in bereavement support. The site fratures updates on new publications and information on otehr professionals.

Cruse Bereavement Care

UK based bereavement support organization and publishers of the journal Bereavement Care. As well as general information on the grieving process for those dealing with loss, Cruse has detailed sections and training information for bereavement practitioners, updates on events, conferences and research.

MEDLINE Plus bereavement Portal

Medline’s collection of sites and links on bereavement and grief. This page provides a good starting point for an overview of bereavement sites, organizations and research articles.

NICE Guidence ‘Improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer

This publication includes guielines for the support of patients and their families including outlines for bereavement support services (Chapter 12).

Growth House

The most comprehsive web portal for information on bereavement and end-of-life information and research.

International Working Group on Death Dying & Bereavement- publications

A listing of downloadable full text articles and research papers from the IWGDDB which address bereavement, palliative care and psychosocial issues in detah & dying. The other resources section also features a list of links to international death, dying and bereavement groups

Canadian Virtual Hospice

This is a an extremely comprehensive site with a wide range of coverage for both personal and professional users. Practical advice on coping with grief (including anticipatory grief) and information on current practice and new publications. A strong feature fo this site is it’s ‘ask a professional’ service through which clinical professionals respond to users questions.

HealthTalk Online – Death & Bereavement section

This UK site features sections on traumatic death, living with dying and bereavement following suicide offering advice both for those supporting the bereaved and personal bereavement stories.

The Compassionate Friends (TCF)

UK site supporting parents and families who have experienced bereavement. TCF produce a range of booklets and leaflets which can be ordered through this site

Link to WorldCat listing of Books on Bereavement

For listings of Bereavement books held in the Therese Brady Library Click HERE and perform an advanced search for ‘bereavement’ as a keyword or in title.

Resolving grief & Loss

A brief guide to resolving grief & loss featuring a comprehensive listing of useful websites & resources

Hospice Care

Irish Hospice Foundation Home page

Details the mission and projects of the Hospice Foundation.

Our Lady’s Hospice – Harolds Cross

Link to lists of published and presented research papers by staff of Our Lady’s hospice

St. Francis Hospice (Dublin)

Includes a link to their Library catalogue

Help the Hospices UK

UK charity supporting hospice and palliative care the ‘our services’ section of the site features links to publications, information and resources for hospice practitioners.

St Christopher’s hospice – Education Department

The education department of st Christopher’s hospice includes their library and infomation services with details on reading material in hospice and palliative care as well as links to conference and training information and relevent resource links.

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