The Seanad Public Consultation Committee released its recommendation report on the rights of older people on Wednesday (March 28th).  The report calls on the government to put forward the case for the drafting of a UN treaty on the rights of older people.

Among a wide range of recommendations were transport allowances, reform of mental capacity legislation and a review of carers allowance payments to non-habitual residents.

The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) was among a number of stakeholders who informed the consultation. The  report outlines end-of-life care recommendations set out by the Irish Hospice Foundation including the development of a formal framework for delivering palliative care through primary care teams as detailed in the Primary palliative care in Ireland report.  These include the establishment of  24 hour palliative care advice service and the provision of specialist training in end-of-life care for General Practitioners, these steps should enable the more than 80 % people with end stage diseases who wish to die in their own homes to do so.

The full Senad debate with stakeholders from November can be accessed HERE  and report in full can be accessed HERE 


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