Today marks Ireland’s first national Thank You Day – an initiative by the Irish Hospice Foundation to encourage people to reflect on the positive things in their lives and the people they are thankful for.  More about the Thank you project HERE.
Ok, so to state the glaringly obvious, it’s not exactly been the best week for the nation and the collective mood is far from buoyant. But in Emerson’s words ‘When it is dark enough, you can see the stars‘ and away from the tailspin of  the bailout, the 4 year plan and bondwatch the Irish Hospice Foundation’s recent Thank You day survey finds that people still have many influences they want to give thanks for. The Irish Mammy tops the polls with most respondents wanting to think her ‘for always being there’.
National Thank You day hopes to get people to take time out to reflect on the people, the influences the random things they are thankful for, everything from family to a beautiful sunset.
So, why not take a moment today to send a card to someone you want to thank, you can send an e-card from the Thank you day project site HERE.
Or, in the spirit of the initiativehave a look at  THIS list of the good things about Ireland from last weeks Irish Times to get you started.
Happy Thank you day!

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