Two recent articles spotlight some of the issues arising for palliative and end-of-life care researchers both in conducting searches for literature and conference abstracts and also in delivering their own research output.

In ‘Not published, not indexed: issues in generating and finding hospice and palliative care literature‘  published in the current Journal of Palliative Medicine Tieman, Abernethy and Currow address the challenges in conducting definitive searches for palliative care literature and conference abstracts. Their findings indicated a conversion rate of conference abstracts to journal publications of just 15.9%

Anyone reading Tieman et al’s article should note their reference to the Australian site Care Search – a resource well worth keeping an eye on as it provides updates on new publications and research in palliative care and bereavement.

In ‘Delivering research in end-of-life care;  problems, pitfalls and future priorities’ in the current issue of Palliative Medicine, Bennett, Davies & Higginson review challenges to presenting end-of-life care literature in light of shifting health care policy and priorities.  Members of the Therese Brady library can obtain full text copies of this article by contacting the library.

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